24th – 25th June

Hi guys,
2 more updates to finish this week off. Just had news the Little Bittern has come back to RSPB Oldmoor so this is the third year in succession!

25th June Broomhill Flash Nature Reserve
Little Egret 2, Pochard 1f, Gadwall 50+, Kestrel 3, Starling c300, Wigeon 1, Tufted Duck 14+,Swift 12+, Greylag Geese 10, Little Grebe 8+, Lesser black-backed Gull 2, Mute Swan 2 & 6 young.

24th June Broomhill Flash Nature Reserve
Greylag Geese 10, Tufted Duck 7, Little Grebe 10, Little Egret 2, Mute Swan 2 & 6 Young, Pied Wagtail 2, Starling c100, Pochard 2, Gadwall c55, Mallard 40+, Lesser black-backed Gull 1.

That’s all for now

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