Broomhill Birder


and welcome to our daily roundup of what’s been seen on Broomhill Flash Nature Reserve on 3rd February.

Upon closing the reserve at 5pm I noticed that the wind was really strong coming from the west with quite a chill to it so wouldn’t be surprised to see some icy patches in the morning!


Lapwing c50.

Golden Plover 20. (fly over 5.00pm).


Mallard 20

Tufted Duck 16,

Pochard 21,

Teal 3,

Goldeneye 2 (pair),

Shelduck 2,

Cormorant 4,

Coot 72,

Moorhen 2,

Black-headed Gull c40,

Mute Swan 2,

Canada Goose c248,

Greylag Goose 1.


Meadow Pipit 1,

Redwing 4.


Pheasant 4,

Kestrel 1.



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