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Hi All,

hope you all had a good weekend? The weather here has been quite mild considering during the day but temps down to -3 or -4 during the night.

Here are a couple of updates for Broomhill Flash for 15th and 16th February, nothing in the log for Sunday 17th.


Broomhill Flash 15th February.


Tufted Duck 8,

Mute Swan 5,

Pochard 17,

Goldeneye 3,

Wigeon 65,

Teal 3,

Cormorant 3,

Common Gull 6,

Canada Goose c110.


Red-legged Partridge 2,

Kestrel 1,

Peregrine Falcon 1,

Little Owl 1.


Broomhill Flash 16th February.


Snipe 1,

Golden Plover 2.,

Grey Heron 1.


Pochard 18,

Goldeneye 2,

Wigeon 62,

Goosander 2,

Little Grebe 1.


Sparrowhawk 1.



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