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Hi All,

a duller, cooler start to the day but did pick up weather and bird wise in the afternoon.  So here are the sightings for Broomhill Flash for today 8th June.


Avocet 1.

Cuckoo 1 (Broomhill Park, probably the same bird Dave Waddington had on Oldmoor Early morning).
Great Crested Grebe 1,
Little Grebe 4,
Gadwall 3,
Mute Swan 1,
Tufted Duck 10,
Pochard 1♂,
Lesser Black-backed Gull 1.

Red-legged Partridge 2,
Kestrel 1,
Common Buzzard 1,
Brown Hare 2.


Next Monday and Tuesday I will be at Gibraltor Point in Lincolnshire so will post those sightings as well.



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