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a few updates to do as not had time on an evening this week to do anything, been decorating and tiling so been busy, busy, busy. So here are the sightings for Broomhill Flash for 17th – 21st September.


21st September.


On my arrival to Broomhill Flash this morning I was greeted by the sound of shot guns once again so I knew it was going to be sparse and I wasn’t wrong. I was in the hide for 45 minutes and must have heard 50 shots in that short time. Geese were lying dead in the back field but not all one or two were injured and trying to make their way onto Broomhill Flash to get away from the onslaught. One of the guys actually came onto Broomhill Flash to collect a dead goose at the end of the shoot, which was wrote in the logbook.

Anyway rant over here’s the dwindling  numbers for Broomhill.

Grey Heron 2,

Spotted Redshank 1,

Greenshank 1,

Snipe 4.

Mute Swan 2,
Great Crested Grebe 1,
Little Grebe 1,
Tufted Duck 13,
Shoveler 3,
Gadwall 1,
Kingfisher 1.

Chiffchaff 1,
Yellow Wagtail 2,


20th September.


Little Egret 2,

Snipe 1.


Gadwall 28,

Tufted Duck 19,

Little Grebe 3,

Shoveler 6,

Mute Swan 2,

Mallard 5,

Teal 2,

Lapwing 9,

Cormorant 1.


Swallow 2,

Sand Martin c16,

House Martin c20.


Red-legged Partridge 8,

Barn Owl 1.


19th September.


Little Egret 1,

Snipe 2.


Shoveler 4,

Mallard 6,

Tufted Duck 21,

Mute Swan 2,

Gadwall 10,

Teal 3,

Little Grebe 4.


Sparrowhawk 1.


18th September.


Snipe 3,

Grey Heron 1,

Greenshank 2,

Little Egret 3.


Gadwall 7,

Mallard 6,

Tufted Duck 21,

Teal 3,

Black-necked Grebe 3,

Kingfisher 1.


Grey Wagtail 1.


Common Buzzard 1.


17th September.


Cormorant 17,

Canada Goose 930,

Shelduck 1,

Greylag Goose 150.

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