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Hi everyone,

not a lot to mention really just the usual but if your into astronomy there is a meteor shower tomorrow night from the Leonids (North North East) and a Comet Ison in the sky near the star Spica in the west which is visible by the naked eye.


So a couple of updates for Broomhill Flash for 15th & 16th November.


15th November.


Redshank 2,

Snipe 1.


Gadwall 107,

Teal 42,

Shoveler 9,

Tufted Duck 4,

Little Grebe 1,

Mallard 11,

Mute Swan 2.


Sparrow Hawk 1.


16th November.


Redshank 2,

Snipe 1.


Mute Swan 2,

Shoveler 19,

Little Grebe 1,

Teal 50+,

Gadwall 106.


Grey Partridge 1,

Red-legged Partridge 7.



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