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Hi All,

a nice mild start to the day for a change. On Broomhill Flash we’ve had,

Green Sandpiper 1, Snipe 2, Grey Heron 2.


Cormorant 25 of which one was ringed with red ring on right leg U62 and metal bto ring 1886, Mallard 14, Pochard 10, Tufted Duck 5, Teal 6, Shovelor 5, Gadwall 57, Great crested Grebe Juvenile 1, Blacknecked Grebe 1, Little Grebe 9, Mute Swan 5, Lesser Blackbacked Gull 2, Greylag Goose 82 and Canadian Goose 161.


Swallow c60, House Martin c20, Sand Martin 3, Pied Wagtail 4, Sparrowhawk 1, Peregrin Falcon 1 and Kestrel 2.


On Wombwell Ings today were the remains of 3 dead Canadian Geese which were more than likely shot by the guys on Richardson land who were blasting away all last week.

Other than that there were Snipe 9, Greenshank 5, Ruff 1 and a Blacktailed Godwit.


Little Grebe 7, Mallard 34, Tufted Duck 3, Teal 8, Shelduck 1, Cormorant 2, Mute Swan 13 (3 Juvenile), Greylag Goose 79, Grey Heron 3 and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

Not a bad day all in all!



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