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Hi everyone,

updates for the week are as follows.


Today came as a bit of a surprise, as I opened the reserve this morning the first bird I put my bins on was a Black-necked Grebe!  I couldn’t believe my luck as I thought it was going to be a normal day with nothing to brighten it.


27th May Broomhill Flash.


Black-necked Grebe 1,

Little Grebe 4+,

Shoveler 3♂,

Gadwall 6,

Tufted Duck 17,

Mute Swan 1.


24th May Broomhill Flash.


Mute Swan 1,

Great Crested Grebe 3,

Shoveler 3♂,

Tufted Duck c24,

Gadwall 6,

Little Grebe 3+.




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