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On Broomhill Flash this morning we had Green Sandpiper 5,Common Sandpiper 2, Common Tern 1.

Also  Great crested Grebe 1 juvenile, Little Grebe 3, Lesser blackbacked Gull 1, Gadwall 8, Mallard 24.

On also were Sand Martin c40, House Martin c60, Swift 1, Willow Warbler 1 which dropped on mud in front of the hide briefly and kestrel 6.


Wombwell Ings

What can I say about fieldcraft, these two guys obviously not birders just photographers who thought the rules didn’t apply to them. Every one who’s been going on for the Wood Sandpipers have viewed or photographed from the back of the banking but not these two.  They actually went to the waters edge or not far from it to get photos and when approached by John Seeviour and myself gave lame excuses and said we didn’t know.  Obviously fieldcraft is non existent with these two so if you know them let me know in the contacts page.  These guys were just so embarrasing to all photographers it’s ridiculous, one of the guys “the taller” of the two shouts “raptor going through” it was a Kestrel, if they’d had a pair of binoculars between them it could have been dangerous. Name and shame thats what I say!!!!  Needless to say photos have been forwarded to The RSPB!!!








On Warbler way and Bolton Ings we had a Green and Greater Spotted WoodpeckerMistle Thrush 3, Chiffchaff 7, Longtailed Tit 11 +, Willow Warbler 2, Sedge Warbler 1, Kingfisher 1 and a Sparrowhawk.

On Bolton itself we had Tufted Duck 22+ a brood of 3, Little Grebe 10, Gadwall 17, Pochard 6, Mallard 18, Cormorant 3, Grey Heron 1, Common Tern 1, Mute Swan 2+ 2 signetsCanada Gosse 16 and Greylag Goose 6.

Viewable from Warbler Way onto Oldmoor there was  a single Little Egret.



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