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Astro Imaging

Hi Guys, it’s been a while busy with other family duties and not really getting out to do normal wildlife photography and only a few Astro Imaging sessions but there are updates to the Astronomy […]

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Been a while!

Hi Guys, sorry its been an eternity since I last posted anything but family life is a priority and photography a second. I haven’t been out bird watching for a good year and only getting […]

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19th February 2018

Hi Guys, not been out at all over the last few months so not had any new really to post. The land at the back of Broomhill Flash was purchased just before Christmas but apparently […]

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Broomhill Flash Weekly Round up

Monday 6th November Mute Swan 2ad & 6 juv, Wigeon 6, Little grebe 1, Snipe 5, Shoveler 30+, Teal 31, Pochard 5 (3m), Grey Heron 1, Kestrel 1, Sparrowhawk 1, Ruff 2, Lesser black-backed Gull […]

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31st October Broomhill Flash

Hi Guys, its been a while but some good news at last and the news is that Garganey Trust have now purchased the back field so there will no more shooting!! Today’s sights are as […]

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25th June – 3rd Sept

HI Guys, it’s been a while updating the blogg as there has been a few personal problems and family commitments but hopefully try to get back to some sort of normality but here a highlight […]

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24th – 25th June

Hi guys, 2 more updates to finish this week off. Just had news the Little Bittern has come back to RSPB Oldmoor so this is the third year in succession! 25th June Broomhill Flash Nature […]

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12th – 23rd June

Hi Guys, well the last few days in the U.K have gone from spring like to a hot summer and back again. Nighttime temperature were what we should have been getting during the day! Anyway […]

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7th-9th June

Hi gain, hope your all well? Here are the latest sightings for Broomhill Flash and the Dearne area. 9th June Broomhill Flash Mute Swan 2+6young, Little Egret 1, Little Grebe 2, Great-crested Grebe 2, Tufted […]

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14th May- 6th June

Hi Guys, hope your all keeping well and getting out there! A lot of updates to do but not anything out of the ordinary really for this time of year but going to do them […]

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